• <span>Thieves! </span> Sheriff Michael Fletcher &amp;<strong>Fiscal David Howdle</strong>

    Thieves! Sheriff Michael Fletcher &Fiscal David Howdle

    nullum crimen sine lege.

  • <span>"Volostrum doesn't </span>contain <strong>antibodies</strong> which might be <strong>required by a calf"</strong>

    "Volostrum doesn't contain antibodies which might be required by a calf"

    David Howdle, 17 November 1997.

  • <span>David Howdle </span> acted without <strong>corroborating evidence and facts</strong>

    David Howdle acted without corroborating evidence and facts

    David Howdle was the complainer and prosecutor.

Cattle Stolen


On 21 March 1997, R Hill & Co’'s cattle were stolen by Sheriff Michael Fletcher and Procurator Fiscal David Howdle. In an illegal act R Hill & Co's entire herd were removed prior to any criminal proceedings. In so doing both men disregarded with total disdain an 85 year old statute and the rule of law.

Shepherd v. Menzies, 1900 2 F 443: “It has of course to be assumed that cruelty to animals is an offence,—that is to say, a crime. It is not so at common law, but it is made so by the Statute 13 and 14 Vict. cap. 92”.

Goose Damage


The following table lists reports compiled by Scottish Office, Department of Agriculture and Fisheries Officials. The reports document the effect Barnacle geese were having on Powhillon and its adjoining Site of Special Scientific Interest and were written at the request of Ministers so that they could determine whether or not a licence to shoot the birds was necessary. The reports also formed part of a national study on the effects of goose grazing. Barnacle geese are protected by the EU Bird Directive, Council Directive 79/409/EEC of 2 April 1979, however the protection afforded to the birds by the directive

Shooting Trial


In 1993, Daniel Quinn of Powhillon farm won a landmark case for all occupiers of agricultural holdings. On 17 December 1993, he was acquitted of four charges related to shooting protected wild geese without licence, even though he had intentionally done so. Three of the charges were for contravening the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981, Section 1(1)(a), by shooting two protected Barnacle geese and one Pink-footed goose. The remaining charge was for breach of the peace.
Daniel Quinn was found not guilty of all four charges because he was shooting in order